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JUNE 2005

Time travel is real. Traverse a wormhole and over 33 years are compressed into a moment. Yesterday on February 1, 1972, I entered the library as a new graduate with a Masterís in Library Science. Today, Iím retiring. With spectacular views of the cosmos, itís been an exhilarating ride.

What Iíve seen in that slice of time is a community growing and adapting. Yet, the underlying principle of altruism remains strong. Leading the way in the library, are the trustees. They give of their time with no remuneration. They lead by serving.

The library charter states a member of the Howe Family, the Brown line, will hold a perpetual succession on the Library Board. During my tenure, Iíve had the privilege of working with three generations: Dorothy Comstock, Edwin Comstock, Jr. and brothers Edwin Comstock III and Donald Comstock. All had a vision of the importance of the library and worked as untiring advocates. Don nobly carries on the family tradition since 1979.

In 1893, a group of thirteen women interested in literature formed the Monday Club. One of the earliest presidents, Louise Brown, convinced her nephew, David A. Howe, about the importance of a library in Wellsville. Mr. Howe left a million dollars for the building and maintenance of the library. The Monday Club still meets and gives to the library.

Ask for help and there is a volunteer. Many people work behind the scenes doing a multitude of tasks. Some do clerical work Ė shelving videos, reading and straightening books, cutting and laminating DVD, video and CD cards, moving books, preparing scrapbooks, labeling magazines, repairing books, etc. Others donate their specialized skills like caulking stonework or carpentry repairs.

This "Spotlight on the Library" article was written by Mary Jacobs, the David A. Howe Public Library director. Articles are written and published monthly in the Wellsville Daily Reporter.

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In 1967, the Friends of the Library formed. The first members included David Peterson, Lois Darling, Nora Regan, Arthur Alexander, Wilbur Young and Karney Cochran. The Friends have sponsored travelogues, movies, fundraisers and special projects. They continue to donate money for childrenís story hours, summer reading programs and books.What other community has so many active services clubs? All have donated time and money to the library. The Lions Club has completed major renovation projects like the repair of the auditorium entrance and remodeling of the kitchen. The pocket parks on the front lawn were planted and maintained by a community group. The middle school "Jump Day" students planted, mulched, pulled weeds and edged.

When there is a need, everyone rallies to the cause. Local businesses, industries, downtown merchants, organizations and groups support any of the library needs Ė whether itís "Save the Cupola" campaign or making the library accessible. People offer support.

Visitors marvel at the architectural beauty of the building and the diversity of the collection. Look to your friends and neighbors. Thank them, for they have worked to create and maintain the library. The library is a gift the community gives itself. Take pride in your accomplishments. Itís been an honor and pleasure to serve with all of you over the past three decades.

This page was last updated December 22, 2005.

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