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Selected Internet Subject Directories

Subject Directory Database Boolean Other Search Miscellaneous
Librarians' Index to the Internet


Advanced Search

Resources useful to public library users, evaluated & annotated by librarians.(9,000+).
AND (default), OR, NOT, Nesting ( ). Stems (can turn off in Advanced)* to truncate.

Fields: subject; title; description; link. Also author; publisher in Advanced.

   Best of...
   Specific Resources

Browse list of all subjects used.


Search defaults to Inktomi if nothing found in Yahoo.

Advanced Search

Submitted Web pages (2 million+) Topic & region specific Yahoos - Kids (Yahooligans), Japan, SF Bay, etc. + to require.

- to remove.

AND (default), OR (options only)

Quotes for phrase.

* to truncate.
Fields: t:title; u:URL

News: hourly

Stocks: etc.

Sports: scores, etc.

Maps, Weather

Scholarly Internet resources, selected and annotated by UC librarians. (15,000+). AND (default), OR, Nesting ( ). Automatic truncation.

subject; title; or keyword.

Can search all Databases or by specific one.
Full-text of Encyclopedia Britannica (72,000+ articles)

Rated and annotated Web sites (125,000+).

Full-text articles from 70+ magazines.

+ to require.

- to remove.

OR (default), AND, ADJ w/in 15 wds), Nesting ( ).

Quotes for phrase.

* to truncate.

Can sort Web's Best Sites results by topic.

Sites rated (1-5 stars).

Related Books to Barnes & Noble.

News from Washington Post.

Selected Internet Meta-Search Engines

Meta-Search Engine Database Boolean Other Search Miscellaneous
Searches AltaVista, Excite, Google, Infoseek, Lycos, Yahoo, LookSmart, About.com, and more. Can customize. + to require.

- to remove.

AND (all) - default, OR (any), PHRASE.

Quotes for phrase. Also searches Newsgroups.

MetaSpy shows most recent searches by others.

Ask Jeeves

Also has Ask Jeeves for Kids.

Answers to millions of questions from evaluated sites.

Searches AltaVista, Goto.com, WebCrawler, Excite, and About.com.

No Boolean - use natural language. Quotes for phrases is useful for metasearch results. Good for simple questions.

Use Remove Frames feature to see URL of search result.

Selected Internet Search Engines

Search Engine Database Boolean Other search options Miscellaneous

Subject Directory (enhanced Open Directory).

Full text of Web pages (200 million)

Caches indexed pages - great for finding 404s

AND - default.

+ only to include stop words.

- to remove.

Quotes for phrase.

Uncle Sam (.gov & .mil)

Can search within subject directory categories.

10 languages.

Ranks searches based on number of links to a page. Best for relevancy of results.

Similar pages - finds related sites


Advanced Search (Best to use).

Raging Search (Google copy attempt).

Subject Directory (Open Directory & LookSmart).

Full text of Web pages (200 million)

Ask Jeeves question answers (1-2 million)

Usenet group postings (14,000)

RealNames corporate, product finder.

+ to require.

- to remove.

Phrase (if detected) then Fuzzy OR - default.

Advanced Search only: AND, OR, AND NOT, NEAR, Nesting ( ).

Quotes for phrase.

* to truncate.


Can use "natural" language.

Limit by date, language.

domain: host: image: title: url: link: like: anchor: applet:

Automatic phrase detection

Spell checker

Services: Image, Audio & Video Search, Translations (5 languages), International Searches


Advanced Search.

No Subject Directory.

Full text of Web pages (550 million+)

RealNames corporate, product finder.

+ to require.

- to remove.

Advanced Search: OR (default), has template equal to AND, OR, NOT

Quotes for phrase.

No truncation.

Advanced Search: limit by language, text, title, link name, URL, link to URL

In Advanced Search: Can filter by Top-Level Domain or by specific Web site (e.g. loc.gov, sony.com)

Thanks to the InfoPeople Project for allowing us to adapt their HTML code for use
on our search pages.
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